Weapons and Armor


Ball Bearing

Damage Critical Range Type
1d6, 1d8 when thrown x3 10 ft Bludgeoning, two handed

A ball bearing is essentially a cannon ball, modified to be used as a close quarter, or throwing weapon.

Battle Fan

Damage Critical Range Type
1d6 19-20/x2 - Slashing, one handed, light

An ordinary fan with a metal razor edge. Grant’s a +4 bonus on checks made for concealment.

Throwing Knives

These knives are thrown in sets of three. In order to count how many hit the target, roll a percentage die (35% or less: 1, 36% – 85%: 2, 86%-100%: 3) Dmg: 1d4 (each). Crt: x2 (each). Rng: 20 ft. Type: Piercing/ Slashing, single handed.


Damage Critical Range Type
1d4 18-20/x2 20 ft Piercing/ Slashing, one handed

A sphenoid knife is a weapon named and molded after the bone in the human scull. Because of it’s wing like shape, it is sometimes called an “Angle’s knife”.


Damage Critical Range Type
1d8 when thrown, 1d10 x2 20 ft Piercing, two handed

Also called ‘devil sticks’, these sets of metal bars are commonly used by Jakar. When wielded, the weaving, flailing and spinning of the main stick grant’s wielder a +3 deflection bonus to AC. The Qualix is a Jakar racial weapon.



AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Check Penalty Type
+1 15 0 Light

Thick padded shirts worn by lightly armed men or trainees.

Leather Wrappings

AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Check Penalty Type
+1 0 Light

Metal armor is hard to come by on the shadow continent, and those who can’t afford a trip to The Ice Sculptor usually rely on bits of scrap they find laying around. Leather wrappings can be used to reenforce armor that is already being worn.

Chitin Armor

AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Check Penalty Type
+2 +7 -1 Light

Armor pieced together from the dismembered carcasses of giant scorpions. Armor such as this is expensive on the Shadow Continent, because few know where to find the material needed to craft this armor.

Bone Coat

AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Check Penalty Type
+5 +3 -4 Medium

Improvised Armor is common place on the Shadow Continent. Some craftsmen have taken their limited resources and created sets of perfectly functional armor. The Bone Coat is an example of this ingenuity.

Chitin Breast Plate

AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Check Penalty Type
+4 +4 -3 Medium

Requiring significantly more Chitin to make then Chitin Armor, this breast plate offers significantly upgraded protection at the cost of mobility.

Chitin Plate

AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Check Penalty Type
+6 +2 -6 Heavy

Made from SEVERAL dead scorpions, this is the finest armor available on the Shadow Continent. Those unable to import metal, but are still considerably wealthy usually prefer Chitin Plate.

Papyrus Shield

AC Bonus Max Dex Bonus Check Penalty
+1 7 0

Papyrus Shields are simple clumps of native reeds, woven together into a large, incredibly light form of mobile protection.

Weapons and Armor

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