The Screaming Core

Heart of Darkness


The owner’s alignment automatically changes to evil (If not already) and they gain the native outsider type with evil subtype. The user’s anatomy changes as if they were affected by the Iron Body spell, with none of the drawbacks. The user may also use Wail of the Banshee once per day. The user’s features become twisted a menacing, causing anyone who looks upon them to become frightened without succeeding a DC 17 will save. You may make a gaze attack 3 times per day that renders your opponents Insane.


This terrible artifact is the pulsing manifestation of evil on any given plane. It is the avatar of negative energy. At first glance, it appears to be a slab of onyx carved into the shape of a heart. On closer inspection, it is revealed that the heart oozes a slimy black substance from every orifice. All things decay at an accelerated rate when in the presence of The Screaming Core. In order to tap into the Screaming Core, one must undergo a specific ritual that swaps their heart for the Screaming Core. Once the artifact is inside the user, the owner begins to undergo physical and psychological changes immediately.

The Screaming Core

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