Jaden Anon Wetiidigoslayer

Psychic bamf


“You see, being evil is a business…One that I’m getting better at.”

Strength 15 (+2)
Dexterity 16 (+3)
Constitution 16 (+3)
Intelligence 19 (+4)
Wisdom 12 (+1)
Charisma 11 (+0)

Armor Class: 19 = 10 + 3[Dex]+ 4[Hide Armor] + 1[Leather wraps] +1[amulet of natural armor]

HP: 42 /42

Fast Healing : 2

Class: Level 11 Psion (Kineticist)

(P)Psicrystal Affinity
(P)Psionic Body
Light Armor Proficiency
(P)Maximize power: / /
(P)Quicken power: / /
(P)Chain Power: / / /
(P)Twin Power: / / /

Orc Eyes
Mind Leech
Gentov Skin

Mutation: Revitalizer

(Golgari symbol) Biofeedback: /
(Dimir symbol) Concealing Amorphus: /
(Orzhov symbol) Feat Leech : /
(Azorious symbol) Quickened Thicken Skin:

Manifester Level: 5
A- augment capable
K- kineticist only

Level 1 powers: 1
Control Object (K)
Control Flames (A)
Mind Thrust (A)
Inertial Armor (A)
Force Screen (A)
Entangling Ectoplasm (A)

Level 2 powers: 3
Control Air (K)(A)
Control Sound
Energy Missile (K)(A)
Levitate, Psionic
Dispel, Psionics

Level 3 powers: 5
Telekinetic Force (A)
Energy Retort (A)
Energy Wall
Energy Cone (K)(A)
Body Adjustment (A)

Level 4 powers: 7
Control Body (K)(A)
Death Urge
Intellect Fortress (A)

Level 5 powers:9
Power Resistance
Psychic Crush (A)

Level 6 power: 11
Disintegrate, Psionic (A)

Power points : 129 /119

Mind Blasts : 19 /19


Guild Modified Robe of Garbage
Hide Armor
Wetiidigo Hide
Leather Wraps
Sheath: Razor Ice Returning Sacrificial Dagger (1 pp)
Sheath: +1 Blue Ice Returning Dagger (1 pp)
Amulet of Natural armor
Brooch of Insect Repulsion
Googles of Peripheral vision
Psionic Third eye
Signet Ring : /
Ring of Psionic Resistance

Utility Belt
Quall’s feather token: Rock
Summoning Statues: Centipede, Spider
Ioun stone
Charisma Stone

Coddling apple (x3)
Rations (x2)

Silversheen vial
vial of Demon Ash
Vial of Melt Powder
acid vial (x4)
Holy water vial (x3)
Anti-venom vial (x3)

X’hal the Psicrystal
Rimefire Ice Staff of Madness (1 pp) [31/50 charges]

sack (Jaden’s)
Wand of polymorph shoes
Book of children’s tales
Vacuum Bomb

Dodge Ball
Jaden Dummy Stink Bomb
Lock Pick

Bag of buttons
half a lemon
conch shell
human ear
deflated child’s ball
bottle of sour beer
plunger with no handle
Sack of salt

SM: 49,900


Name: Jaden Anon

Age: Unknown (His body appears to be 25)

Gender: Male

Race: Elan

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Height: 6’ 2"

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Skin Color: Tan

Religion: Ethical Egoism

Sexuality: Asexual

Profession: Wanderer Psion

Personality: Jaden is a selfish bastard. However he is extremely disciplined. His main motivation is to serve himself. He seeks power and respect. However he is capable of working with others so long as there is an obvious benefit for him. He has a lack of respect for life and he feels that the weak deserve to die. He is usually fairly stoic and quiet. His transformation has caused him to lose a fragment of his humanity, as he has difficulty following human humor. He follows laws not because he feels that the law ought to be obeyed but because he knows that he does not serve himself well if he is a criminal. He respects power and despises cowards. Jaden has been shown to demonstrate a love for the arts. He has also demonstrated a great deal of interest in passing on his knowledge to a future generation and protecting what he considers “his spawn”.

Family: His only known family is The Elan Clan of Anon that created him. Natasha is his biological daughter.

Favored weapon: Staff

Favored fighting style: He prefers to torture his victims using his powerful psychic abilities

Background: Jaden was once human. However not even he knows how he used to be. He has no memory of his human days besides the occasional resurfaced repressed memory. In fact Jaden Anon is not even his original name, because that was the name he was given when he was transformed from a human into an Elan. The Elan Clan of Anon chose him and turned him into what he is. His selfish nature was probably due to his torture and transformation. The source of his powers is not only his transformation but also from his strong spirit. He was then released to the world and has wandered ever since.

Jaden Anon Wetiidigoslayer

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