Gregory Oranov

Devious Lich


Name: Gregory Oranov

Species: Lich (Does not remember what his base was)

Skin Color: None

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Red

Gender: NA


Gregory does not choose to dwell in the past… Which is why he regularly deletes it from his mind. Gregory is the head of the Necromancer’s guild and has a bit of a troubled past. The transformation into a lich nearly drove Gregory mad, so he attempts to maintain his sanity be regularly wiping his memory clean. Like everybody and their grandma, Gregory has a scheme for ruling the shadow continent. This scheme involves hitching his wagon to rising stars around the continent. Any mercs with a growing reputation he offers to sponsor in return for cheap advertising. As the heros he funds reputation grows so does that of his guild. He has recently offered to sponsor the party in return for carrying the guild symbol.

Gregory Oranov

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