Drover Galavitch

The White Man


Name: Dover Galavitch

Species: Human (Albino)

Skin Color: White

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Red

Gender: Male


Drover is a Ranger with a unique moral compass. Fed up with the years of watching others suffer around him, Drover has finally snapped. Using his knowledge of the drifts, and his combat prowess with a sword, Drover has donned the Persona of “The White Man”: a character who dispenses waste land justice at the end of a blade.

Drover was originally from an island in the Azuria chain called Tamos. Born with albinism, Drover looked for a way to shield himself from the sun that was so damaging to his fair skin. He came to the shadow continent expecting to find peace and relief. What he found was corruption and murder. Drover is burdened with a strict sense of right and wrong, concepts that don’t really apply to the wastes. Having grown sick of the destruction and mindless violence, Dover has decided to attempt to stop this… with more violence.

Drover Galavitch

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