The Pawn Shop

One stop shopping for all your miscellaneous crap needs. The pawn shop not only doesn’t ask questions, but they are also nice enough to clean the severed hands off the rings you bring them. The pawn shop offers up a wide variety of magic items, as well as alchemy innovations that help you adapt to the cold.

Current List:

Etterne Wasp Cocoon
Small white ball of silk (Edible)
Etterne Wasps are a species of symbiotic insects that produce hives inside the bodies of humanoids. The wasps find shelter in the host, and the host receives nutrition and protection from the wasps. Wasps store combs of nutritional paste inside the host, and share with him or her. Any player with an active Etterne wasp cocoon needs only half the food required per day for a creature of their size. Etterne wasps are very protective of their territory, and will attack anything specified as a threat. On command, or after being struck in combat, Etterne wasps will flare out of their host and viciously attack any threatening creature within 50 feet of their host. Etterne wasps have a criminally short life span, and die after 24 hours. They do however, have an excelerated reproduction cycle, and leave behind cocoons that hatch every 4 days.
2,000,000 Shadow Marks


Force Shield- Polished steel band. At wearer’s command, the ring projects an energy shield with the strength equivalent of a heavy steel shield. Being a ring, the wearer suffers no penalties to dexterity.
5,000,000 Shadow Marks

Amulet of Natural Armor- This steel amulet gives the wearer a +1 Armor Class bonus.
1,000,000 Shadow Marks

Dust of Disappearance- This snuff box contains dust that if tossed into the air makes all creatures touched by it invisible for ten minuets.
6,000,000 Shadow Marks

Summoning Statuette- This statue is carved to model a creature form the Summon Monster I list. Any number of times per day, the owner may summon the animal tied to the statue. Killing the creature prevents it’s summoning for a full 24 hours.
400 Shadow Marks each



Armor Insulation Protection Price (In Shadow Marks)
Lame Poor Poor 50
Leather Wraps Poor Good 200
Padded Armor Good Poor 500
Leather Armor Good Good 1,000
Hide Armor Great Great 2,000
Bone Coat Good Excellent 10,000

Add Arctic Camouflage: 50 Shadow Marks

Papyrus Shield: 10 Shadow Marks


Sack: 1,000 Shadow Marks
Bed Mat: 1,000 Shadow Marks
Winter Blanket: 1,000 Shadow Marks
Clay Mug: 1,000 Shadow Marks
Trail Jerky (Day’s worth): 1,000 Shadow Marks
Torches: 100 Shadow Marks each
Crappy Matches: 10 Shadow Marks per box of 50
Holy Symbols (Ice or Stone): 200 Shadow Marks

Vial of Acid: 1,000 Shadow Marks
Vial of Holy Water: 1,000 Shadow Marks
Vial of Unholy Water: 5 Shadow Marks
Anti-venom: 1,000 Shadow Marks

Frostbite Salve
Jar of pale yellow cream.
Suppresses two points of Ability Score damage due to frost bite for 1 hour.
1 lb. 100,000 Shadow Marks

Whale Grease
Flask of thick clear grease.
The grease will protect the creature coated with from it hypothermia. After 1 hour, it also looses its effectiveness. Due to the smell, creatures with the Scent ability can detect the ‘wearer’ at 2x normal range. It takes 1 minute to apply.
2 lbs. 50,000 Shadow Marks

Armor Insulation
Flask of thick red syrup.
When applied to the inside of a suit of armor, it keeps in body warmth for 24 hours. Grants a +5
Circumstance bonus on Fortitude saves vs. exposure to cold weather.
2 lbs. 1,000,000 Shadow Marks

Polar Skin
Flask of dull white cream.
The cream will protect the creature coated with it from up to 5 hp of Cold damage, after which it goes
1 lb. 100,000 Shadow Marks

Freeze Powder
Vial of fine white crystals that look like salt.
If poured in liquid, a 1’ diameter sphere will freeze solid.
1 lb. 50,000 Shadow Marks

Melt Powder
Vial of powder.
Melts 1 cubic foot sphere or a 10’ square of ice.
1 lb. 50,000 Shadow Marks

Razor Ice Powder
Vial of granulated white powder.
If sprinkled in a 5’ square, the area grows Razor Ice crystals. Any creature going through the square takes 2d4 Slashing damage. Noticing the Razor Ice before entering the square requires a Survival check vs. DC 20.
If sprinkled on the Natural Weapon of a creature with the ‘cold’ subtype, that Natural Weapon receives a +1 Enhancement bonus on Slashing damage for 1 hour.
1 lb. 100,000 Shadow Marks

The Pawn Shop

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