Rod of Clawing Darkness


This rod has 3 primary powers. None of the powers but the first can operate without natural or magical darkness.
Blackness: This rod emits darkness. On command, 3/day, as a standard action the rod can be used to cast Darkness as per the spell.
Black Binds: The rod can use the darkness to entangle a victim within the radius. If the victim fails a DC 17 Will save, they are Entangled but can not move at all. It takes a DC 20 Strength or Escape Artist check taken as a Full-Round Action to break free. The bonds last for 5 rounds; Casting is a Standard Action.
Clawing Darkness: The rod can use the darkness to attack and harm any victim within the radius. If a creature is entangled by the Black Binds effect, hundreds of small razor sharp claws emerge from the dark tendrils that rip the victim to shreds for 5d4+5 damage for each round the creature remains entangled. Casting is a Standard Action.


This rod is made from ebony and shines like the blackest night. It feels cold to the touch and seemes to radiate darkness. Powerful and terrifying, this magic rod makes full use of the shadow continent’s most abundant resource. Only extremely powerful mages have access to this weapon.

Rod of Clawing Darkness

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