Belt of the Dark Intent

Wicked Magic


The Belt has the following powers and effects:

a. Adds one point to owner’s highest ability score (If two are tied, the wearer picks one).
b. Animate dead one figure by touch (Up to 10 HD).
c. Know alignment of an individual when touched once per day.
d.Adds +2 to owner’s armor class.

It has the power to detect life (as the spell) in a 60’ radius. Any good aligned creature who grasps the sword will be shocked for 2d10 damage, then a wave of nausea and chills pass through him, inflicting him with a disease unless a save vs. poison is made. Neutral creatures will not suffer the effects, but will still feel uneasy and sick and not want to touch the Belt.


The belt of Dark Intent is a training tool used by evil faiths on the Shadow Continent to initiate new priests into the ranks of their faithful. The belt has a number of useful features, but harshly punishes acts of kindness and selflessness while rewarding bad behavior.

Belt of the Dark Intent

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