The Last Black Dragon


Name: Uzgrail

Species: Dragon

Skin Color: Black

Gender: Male


Uzgrail is one of the last two evil dragons left on the planet. After the Shigallan war, Uzgrail fled to the shadow continent to start a new life away from the repercussions of his actions against the metallic dragons back home. He became the only one of two refugees left. To his infinite misery, the other survivor was Gash, the white dragon. Uzgrail and Gash’s hatred of one another was legendary, even before the Glan war. Trapped on an Icy waste land with no females but the one he hates more than anything else in his life, Uzgrail has dedicated himself to the destruction of Gash, by any means necessary.

Uzgrail is a violent thug. He loves to shoot first, then forget to ask questions and make off with what ever valuables are left. Scaring the “tits off the mammals” is his second favorite hobby (Right after trying to destroy Gash) and he loves flying over port horn, raining down toxic clouds of acid as he flies by. One of the main reasons he hates Gash so much is that he believes she thinks she’s smarter than him (Which she both does and IS).


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