Strength 18 (+4)
Dexterity 13 (+1)
Constitution 12 (+1)
Intelligence 12 (+1)
Wisdom 11 (+0)
Charisma 13 (+1)

Level 9
Armor Class: 18 = 10 + 1 [dexterity] +1 [mining helmet] +1 [dodge] +5 [bone coat]
Touch AC: 12
Flat-footed: 16

Current HP: 56
Total HP: 56

Speed: 30 feet

Laser Eye

Chameleon w/ Quicken (Dark Mark – Forearm)
Hustle (Shark – Elbow)
Vigor (Hangover – Face)

Combat Reflexes (+1)
Disabling Blow
Improved Critical
Improved Unarmed Strike
Improved Grapple
Improved Sunder
Iron Will
Massive Attack (1-10)
Power Attack (1-5)
Spring Attack

Bone coat
Etterne wasp cocoon x4
Robe of Garbage

A Large Sack
+1 Unholy Razor Ice Short Sword [1d6, 2d6 good., crit 19-20/x2, slashing]
+2 Razor Ice Short Sword [1d6, crit 19-20/x2, 4 lb, one-handed, slashing]
Black-out pipe
Master work +3 blue iced spiked chain
Sonic amulet [1d6]
Bag of Endless Icicles
Hook of Dissolution
Lesser Restoration x3
True Strike scroll x2
Rations x4
Healing Kit
Bent nail
Garden hoe w/ rusty head
Headless demon skeleton
Human skulls x3
Jar of red paint
Jar of toe jam
Kython acid spitter
Lockless key
Nasty cologne x2
Pair of pants w/ hole in butt
Pile of leaves
Roof shingle
Self-portrait (black & white)
Small sack of salt x2
Snake tooth
Soiled napkin x10
Viking helmet
Weighted dice (snake eyes)

SM: 358


Name: Unknown (does not know his name and where he comes from)

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Race: Weretiger (Human that transforms into a Tiger)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 6 feet when standing

Weight: 200 lbs

Hair Color: Orange

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Tan

Religion: Atheist

Sexuality: Straight

Profession: Assassin

Personality: in short, is impatient and a lazy mofo

Family: (unknown)

Favored weapon/fighting style: Hand to hand combat

Background: He wakes up in an unknown, uninhabited island with no memory of his past but has the knowledge of his ability to transform into a half-human, half-tiger form. He has random flashbacks of being strapped onto a chair in a room with bright lights and surrounded by men in white. He feels that his annoyance for the color white and blinding blight light is somehow connected to this flashback. He manages to build a raft and escape the island to be washed up on the shore of a city heavily populated by humans. To avoid attention, he stays in human form when among them. He lives in a shabby rented apartment and secretly works as an assassin (he doesn’t allow his clients to see his face) and kills the targets in weretiger form. Although he despises taking orders, he does so in order to earn money for food and survival. He kills anyone who has ever seen him in weretiger form, unless he trusts him/her to keep his identity a secret. After Traveling for miles, and fighting with the party the whole way, tiger met his end at the hands of a pair of demons. Eos carried Tiger’s body back to port horn, and has left the country for a proper burial of his last friend.


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