Stick fighter

Strength 17 (+3)
Dexterity 17 (+3)
Constitution 14 (+2)
Intelligence 13 (+1)
Wisdom 9 (-1)
Charisma 12 (+1)

Level 9
Armor Class: 19 = 10 + 3 [hide] + 3 [dexterity] +2 (bracers) +1 [lucky]

Touch AC: 14
Flat-footed: 18 [uncanny dodge]

Speed: 30 feet

Current HP: 17
Total HP: 33

Graft Parts:
Orc Eye
Laser Eye
Devil Tongue
Xill Skin
Kalvix Hand

Animal Affinity: Bull (Strength) (Bull – Forearm)
Chameleon (Quickened) (Dagger – Wrist)
Concealing Amorpha (Quickened) (Dagger – Wrist)
Skate (Quickened) (Arrow – Back of Hand)
Call to Mind (Quickened) (Eye – Side of Neck)

Daily Powers
1 xPsionic Tattoos (See above)
2x Meld with Stone (Cloak of Stone)
1x Reroll dice (Lucky Ring)
Cast Doom as Gaze (Doom Monocle)
1x Acid Spit attack (Mutation)
5x Hypnosis/Attraction/Rage Goo (Kalvix Hand)
Touch of Fatigue (Guild Ring)
1x Summon 4 Dretches (Armband of Demon Summoning)

Robe of Garbage
Hide armour with added arctic camouflage
Shirt of Repulsion
Buckler Ant (2d4 acid/piercing damage)
Bracers of Wind
Armband of Demon Summoning
Cloak of Stone
Lucky Ring
Doom Monocle
Necromancer’s Guild Ring
Vest of Escape


Combat Equipment
2x Razor Ice Stick [1d6, crit x2, range incr. -, 2 lb, one-handed light, bludgeoning]
Rimfire Ice Stick, Returning
Curse-casting Masterwork Silver Stick, Returning
Masterwork Steel Dagger
Fester Bomb
Vacuum Bomb
Chitin Armor
14x arrows
9x Cold Iron Arrows
Leather Bull whip
+2 Razor Ice Short Sword
Bone short Bow
Bone Ransure

3 Pounds of Black Powder
5 Vials of Acid
6 Vials of Anti-Toxin
Vial of Itch Powder
Contact Poison (in vile)
4 Vials of Silversheen
1 Tin of Armor Insulation
2 Vials of Frostbite
Jar of Freeze Powder
Flask of Polar Skin
Flask of Frostbite Cream
Rock Salt (1 lbs)
Identify Powder (2/5 uses left)

Magic Items
Bag of Holding
Wire of Alarm
Wand of Arcane Mark
Scroll of Bigby’s Middle Finger
1x Wetiidigo Hand
1x Wetiidigo nose
2x Wetiidigo eyes
Wetiidigo Blood
Scorpion Statue x5
Spider Statue x5
Snake Statue x5
Rat Statue x5
Raven Statue x5
Centipede Statue x5

Fish Meat (Day’s worth)
11 Dried Trail Rations
2 Tomatoes

Bed mat
Winter blanket
Clay mug
Boxes of matches x1
2 Healing Kits (5/6 uses left)

Blue Ice Skis
Twine (24 ft)
2 Rope (Hempen)
Spy Glass
Torturer’s Kit
Zip-Line Slider
Animal Call
Floatation Bags

1 Pen
10 Pieces of Paper
Vial of Purple Ink
Straw Kobold Doll
Weighted Dice
Paperback Children’s Stories (Edgar Moot)
Lensless Eyeglasses
A Sponge
One-armed cross
Bent Chimney Sweeping Brush
Detonator for Kython HQ
Mantle of Filth
Pearl amulet

Vile Cheeseburger Pills
Half-bag luhix

SM: 1,475,565


Name: Ombre (real name unknown)

Age: Mid-30’s

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 150 lbs.

Hair Color: Black, with Gray streaks

Eye Color: Black

Skin Color: Tan

Religion: None

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Profession: Thief

Personality: Ombre loves very valuable items, especially those that help him get even more treasured items. He is most at home in the dark, and finds comfort in solitude. He can be relatively selfless, but only when it conveniences him. He finds it very hard to trust people, but almost immediately trusts other thieves. He dislikes those who wrong him, or try to stop him from reaching his goal. He enjoys wealth, but his true desires are limited, and he will do everything within his power to get what he truly wants.

Favored Weapon: Dual wielded Kali sticks

Favored Fighting Style: Filipino Kali style – quick, technical blows which use a Kali stick like an extension of the arm.

Background: Ombre never knew his biological parents, nor did he ever know his real name. He was one of many children abducted from orphanages at an early age by a clan of thieves. He was part of a mass “recruiting” campaign by the Shadow Seekers, under the leadership of Stalker. Stalker lived up to his name, biding his time, and building an army from scratch using the ruined lives of the children whom he had abducted. The children, including Ombre, were trained relentlessly in thievery and stick/knife fighting, and were fed very little. When Ombre was in his late teens, a group of older abductees started a revolution to overthrow Stalker, and Ombre escaped in the ensuing mayhem. After this, Ombre was forced to sustain himself through thievery. He knew how to steal, but did not learn how to choose his targets wisely for several years. As a consequence to this, Ombre has spent a considerable amount of time imprisoned. Once he got into his late twenties, however, Ombre learned how to select his targets well, and was able to live comfortably, traveling often to avoid detection. Ombre has since heard rumors of the death of Stalker soon after his escape. In the past couple of years Ombre started to explore con artistry, though home burglary is his specialty.


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