Jenny, the pirate princess

Strength 20 (+5)
Dexterity 17 (+3)
Constitution 9 (-1)
Intelligence 12 (+1)
Wisdom 11 (+0)
Charisma 14 (+2)

Level 10 (Sorcerer 6/Barbarian 2/Abjurant Champion 2)
Armor Class: 23 = 10 +3 [dexterity] +4 [psionic] +6 [blue ice breastplate]

Touch AC: 17
Flat-footed: 23 [uncanny dodge]

Current HP: 20
Total HP: 43

Speed: 50 feet [barbarian + adroit]

Grafts/ Symbiotes:
Devil’s Tongue
Psionic Sinew
Heart Scarab
Babble Fish
Succubus Leg
Gentov Skin

Animal Affinity (Wolf, Wisdom)
Leech Feat

(Level 1) Quicken Spell
(Level 1) Endurance
(Level 3, Human) Iron Will
(Level 6, Human) Two-weapon Fighting
(Level 9, Human) Spell Tweaker
(Babble Fish) Improved Familiar
(Barbarian 1) Rage
(Barbarian 2) Uncanny Dodge
(Flaw) Combat Casting
(Abjurant Champion 1) Abjurant Armor
(Abjurant Champion 1) Extended Abjuration
(Abjurant Champion 2) Swift Abjuration

Zero-level Sorcerer Spells:
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Touch of Fatigue
Mage Hand
Ghost Sound
Force Bolt

First-level Sorcerer Spells:
Mage Armor
Burning Hands
Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law

Second-level Sorcerer Spells:
Steal Flesh
Gust of Wind
Resist Energy

Third-level Sorcerer Spells:
Dispel Magic
Haste (Once every five rounds, self only)
Magic Circle

Fourth-level Sorcerer Spells:

Zero-level Sorcerer spells: 6 per day
First-level Sorcerer spells: 8 (6+2) per day
Second-level Sorcerer spells: 8 (6+2) per day
Third-level Sorcerer spells: 7 (5+2) per day
Fourth-level Sorcerer spells: 3 per day
Level 4: +1 Charisma
Level 8: +1 Charisma

Robe of Garbage
Utility Belt
Sheath: +1 Masterwork Cold Iron Trident/Holy Medallion
Amulet of Fiend Repulsion
Needles of Agony
Stabilizer Ring
Gauntlets of Perfect Throwing
Boots of Stomping
Quiver of Lies
Amulet of Health
Cape of Mounteback
Blue Ice Pendant

Flintlock Rifle x2
Wheelock pistol x3
Bullets x300
+2 Razor Ice Short Sword
+1 Crossbow [1d8 +1, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 80 ft., 4 lb, piercing]
Bone Dagger
Razor Ice Grappling Hook
Silver letter opener
Throwing Knives x3
Crossbow bolts x5
Shattering bolts x4
Cable bolts x3
Poison bolts x5
Lucky bolts x10
Slingshot, 4 rocks
Razor Ice Caltrops
Day’s worth of jerky x3
Dried trail rations x3
Hard candy x5
Fine dried rations x3
Armor & Clothing
Gauntlets of Ogre Stench
Survival items
Bed mat
Winter blanket
Climber’s Kit
Weapon Repair Kit
Floatation bags
Whale Grease
Charcoal (5 lbs)
Razor Ice Powder
Flasks of oil x6
Armor insulation
Magical items
Raven Statuette
Dryad Incense x3
Talisman of Pure Good x10
Cup of Arbitrarity
Bag of Identify Powder x2 (1/5 uses), (5/5 uses)
Fanatic’s Collar
Decanter of Everlasting Water
“Cure Light Wounds” Wand (36/45)
Wand of Wonder (49/50)
Vile Hilt Wrap
Blood Feeding Amulet
Rod of Illusions
Sun rod
Unholy Symbol x3
Scrolls & Magical Scrolls
True Strike x1
Lesser Planar Ally
Potions, Poisons & Healing
Potion of Asshole Projection
Healing Kit x4 (11/12 uses)
Vial of anti-venom x4
Vial of silversheen x2
Vial of holy water x8
Green Blood Poison
Lizardfolk bath oil
Lesser Restoration Potion
Silence potion
Elixir of Firebreath
Vial of Acid x2
Liquor & Drugs
Bottle of Pox
Distilled essence of Pain x1
Crafting materials
Chitin sheets x46
Razor ice (5lbs)
Demon heart x3
Devil heart x2
Xill Phase Organ
Wetiidigo Feet x2
Wetiidigo Bones
Wetiidigo Claw
Pile of human skulls
Ivory bead necklaces x5
Ink vial
Ink pen
Weighted Dice
Butthole pants
Rotten tomatoes x3
Clay mug
Chipped mug
Stone German Horn Pipe
Jar of chicken feet
Roof shingle
Acid organ
Jar x4
Vile cheese (5 lbs)
Rusty hoe head
Room keys
Ski & poles

SM: 1,836,620


Name: Natasha

Age: 26

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Alignment: True Neutral

Height: 5’ 8"

Weight: 140lbs (average build)

Hair Color: Dark red-orange

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Olive/tan

Religion: Agnostic

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Profession: Piratess

Personality: Cynical, places a high value on self-preservation, but tries not to take unnecessary life. Generally good-natured but willing to kill for survival. Though she is fairly kind, she has learned to take care of herself above all others first. She is bold, outspoken, and not very sneaky. Let’s just say she definitely didn’t inherit her mother’s thieving skills.

Family: Mother, Tessa (piratess, location unknown), Father, Jaden Anon

Favored weapon: Flamberge and Cutlass (sometimes a stiletto is used in place of the cutlass when it is more advantageous)

Favored fighting style: Dual-wielding with combat-focused magic, quick strikes and high damage.

Background: Her mother was a pirate thief assigned to take something from a sorcerer’s collection of magical artifacts. To do this she seduced him and had Natasha through this encounter. Her father was an extremely powerful mage who was a known dragonslayer. Her mother succeeded in stealing this artifact from him (though it is unknown what exactly it was), escaped, and was allowed to raise her child on her ship due to her captain’s mercy. There, a sorcerer taught Natasha how to harness her magical powers that she had inherited. Now captain of her own ship, she came to the Shadow Continent with her crew for a challenge. Her ship crashed near the shore and sunk beneath the water (whether it and its crew was lost completely or frozen solid below is unknown), leaving her stranded and alone on the Shadow Continent. She is currently looking for a way to buy or build a new ship while continuing her search for magical artifacts and dragon scales.


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