Mr. Sunshine

Leader of the Demons


Name: Sunny Holister

Alias: Mr. Sunshine

Species: Human

Skin Color: Caucasian

Hair Color: Blonde

Eye Color: Green

Gender: Male


Mr. Sunshine, AKA: Sunny Holister, was originally a cleric from Odessa. Sunny was born with a very unique blessing, his divine aura is so strong that it emits positive energy in a 50 foot circle around him, healing people around him and damaging undead and outsiders. While he was considered a valuable asset in Odessa and against the wishes of his elders, the young cleric badly wished to see the world and spread his country’s message of love, peace, and equality.

The Shadow Continent may have been a poor first choice for that.

Run out of port horn for accidentally destroying a few undead, Mr. Sunshine wandered the wastes until he came upon the demon mob’s headquarters. He annihilated half the lesser demons outside just by walking up to the front door, who promptly exploded. Killing scores of demons just by walking down the hall, the Tanar’ri immediately submitted control of the mob to Sunny. He was both surprised and flattered.

Unlike the other Warlords, Mr. Sunshine is kind, reasonable, and very polite. He greatly enjoys tea.

Mr. Sunshine

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