General Xathxrithal

Devil Mafia leader


Name: Ebzrinith’Xathxrithal

Species: Baatezu (Devil)

Type: Pit Fiend

Skin Color: Red

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: White

Gender: Male


General Xathxrithal is the head of the devil mafia. He is as shrewd as he is powerful. While murder, rape and torture are some of his favorite pastimes, efficiency is his top priority above all else. He is always looking for an opportunity to increase his gang’s wealth and power. He loves words, and the twisting there of. He is never out of reach of a pox laced cigar, or his body guard, Smiley. He is a follower of the Ninth duke of hell, and is constantly hazed by a fringe group of Devils that call themselves “Hell’s Bels”. Originally a high ranking soldier in the Blood War, the General earned his title after his superior officer transfered him to an initiative squad charged with colonizing the prime material plane. He was hand picked in a squad of nine other pit fiends. The General murdered them all to become the only surviving member of the initiative squad, and the undisputed leader of the project. He formed the Mafia shortly after.

The General has agreed to assist the group in finding Pippengrad in return for a number of services. While everyone toils for him, he uses his new consort estelle to keep an eye on them.

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General Xathxrithal

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