The Last White Dragon


Name: Gash

Species: Dragon

Skin Color: White

Gender: Female


Gash is one of the last two evil dragons left on the planet. After escaping retribution from the metallic dragons back on Shigalla, Gash though she had found paradise. A desolate wasteland of frozen hellscape, populated by tasty monkeys to rule over and outsiders who shared her sensibilities. This illusion was shattered however, when she found out the only other dragon on the planet to have the same idea as her was her mortal enemy, Uzgrail the Black Dragon.

Gash is cunning and cruel. She has forgotten more about general knowledge than most dragons have ever learned. In addition to gems and coins, her hoard is scattered with scrolls and books that she can always be found reading in between picking the people out of her teeth. Gash is always formulating some convoluted scheme to try and destroy Uzgrail. She is a devout worshiper of Tiamat, and constantly prays for children. Taimat obliges by sending her spawn that constantly haze the land in random, violent sweeps.


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