Eos Dracontes

Walking Halloween Decoration


Name: Eos Dracontes

Species: Living Skeleton (Undead)

Skin Color: None

Hair Color: None

Eye Color: Red

Gender: Male?

Alignment: Neutral Good


Eos was at one point, a Shigallan explorer who ventured to map the Shadow Continent’s inland. He set out with a band of 5 scholars and 4 mercenaries. On their way into the wastes, they were savaged by a Wetiidigo and Eos’s team was decimated. Badly wounded, he dragged himself through the snow and collapsed in the sub-zero environment. A band of Necronette scavengers found his frozen body and dragged him back to the factory. They preformed horrendous necrotic experiments on him, finally culminating in in the loss of all the flesh on his body, leaving him a walking skeleton. Tiger Rescued him from a holding cell in the factory. He has agreed to serve as Tiger’s man servant until they can both find a way out of the country.

Eos Dracontes

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