Anitol Alcodice

Amoral Alchemist


Name: Anitol Alcodice

Species: Human

Skin Color: Caucasian (light)

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Gender: Male


Alcodice is a brilliant Alchemist and a former employee of the research department of the Devil Mafia. He has been working for years to build monstrous devices that melt flesh, warp genetics, and bend sanity. Originally cast out of most reputable scientific institutions, Alcodice turned to the famously corrupt Ranpurrian government for funding. After being shot down by some of the most twisted political figures in the free world, Alcodice reluctantly turned to the Shadow Continent. He quickly impressed the General with his willingness to go into forbidden territory. Alcodice believes that his discoveries will ultimately benefit society, and that when he returns to the civilized world, he will be proclaimed a genius and a hero. Sadly, this dream was never brought to fruition. After attempting to jump out on his deal with the devil mafia, the party was ordered to hunt him down. The group found him hiding out in a Kython infestation, using pheromones to convince the creatures he was their king. The Kythons were eradicated, and Alcodice was dragged back kicking and screaming to the General. After being assimilated and severely tortured, Alcodice is now working slave labor in the General’s laboratory, forced for eternity to conjure weapons and frankenstein together abominations for the Mafia’s gain.

Anitol Alcodice

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